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Monday, September 27, 2010


The Forestierre Trail is only (30) thirty minutes away from the City of Castries, and is situated in the community of Forestierre. The trail is part of an Old French Road, which traverses through mature pristine rainforest. Perhaps some of the most distinctive features on this trail are the abundance of large spectacular figtrees, ephytes, and ferns. This (5) kilometer long trail begins as a gentle downward slope through natural, dense foliage meandering among l'encens trees (protuim attenatum) that produces a white sap with a highly astringent smell. Also common is the majestic chataignier tree, which is supported by a system of elegant buttresses spreading around its base like the gentle folds of a regal gown. The walk back to the main road allows time for peaceful reflection and simple enjoyment of nature's green botanical wonder.