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Thursday, October 21, 2010

St.Lucian National Bird

Do you know this bird??


The answer is ........

        "St.Lucia Parrot"!!           

It is called "Amazona versicolor" or "Jacquot" as well.

This beautiful bird is mainly green in color, with a cobalt blue forehead,merging through turquoise and green on the cheeks with a scarlet breast.
It's amazing!!

 There are two St.Lucia Parrots at the Union Mini Zoo.
A male Jerry and female Lucy.
They love to eat fruits, nuts, berries, buds, seeds and so on.

 You can see them at the Union Mini Zoo in St.Lucia.
The St.Lucia Parrot can also be seen in the forest canopies and the mountainous interiors of Quillesse, Edmund, Millet, Barre de L'isle and Piton Flor forest.