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Monday, June 27, 2011

Conversation between the St. Lucia Oriole and the St. Lucia Parrot

Jeannette Victor

Do you ever wonder what our animals talk about? Well wonder no more this weekend we listen in on a conversation between the St. Lucia Oriole and St. Lucia Parrot.

Carouge: Hey there Jacqout what’s happening?

Jacquot: Hello there Carouge.  I’m doing good. What about you; how are you feeling today?  

Carouge: Am blessed to be away from the noisy and hot areas like the urban areas. This
place is ideal; it is fresh and quiet.

Jacquot: I feel the same I just wish humans would share our opinion.

Carouge: You know I was just thinking to myself that we live in the forest and speak to each other everyday but I know nothing about you, not even your christian name! 

Jacquot:    Hmmmm. You know that is so true and I am now realizing that.  We know nothing about each other. Maybe we should spend the day today getting to know each other.

Carouge: That is a good idea instead of gossiping.

Jacquot: Okay but only for the morning, I have something to show you, later.

Carouge: Before my mother died she told me our name was Icterus laudabilis but we were called Carouge. When   I was younger I was a bit green with black around my neck. As I got older I got darker and I have those outstanding patches of orange on my wing, belly and under tail with jet black feathers. She also told me that my only home is this island and she made our home in a form of a basket hanging from a tree where she laid three spotted eggs.  My beak is quite strong so I can crack open fruits and seeds and make holes in the barks of trees.  As you know I make sounds like cacak- cacak and go hunting for food early in the morning and late in the evening.

Jacquot: Thanks for telling me a little more about yourself.  I got my name Amazona Versicolor because of the many colors that I have; the dark green wings, blue forehead and face, red breast and maroon belly, my dark blue undertail feathers and the yellow at my tail tip. Would you believe that I was born with no feathers? St. Lucia is my only home too and I am very noisy especially early morning when feeding.  I lay three eggs and see my young ones after 28 days of warming them up. I make my nest in a hole in a tree. My beak is as strong as yours so I enjoy a meal of fruits, seeds and nuts.

Carouge: Very well Jacquot.  It feels good to know my neighbour better.  It makes feel more at ease in my surroundings.

Jacquot: The feeling is mutual. Don’t you think we should be getting to know the other neighbors a regular routine?

Carouge: Yes, yes I do agree.  I would love getting to know them.

Jacquot: Next time around. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!

Carouge: I will. Many thanks. Until next time.

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