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Monday, July 25, 2011

About the St.Lucia Pewee and the St.Lucia Warbler

Author: Jeannette Victor

St.Lucia Warbler:  Bonjour Madamme Gobe-Mouche, sa ke fete?

St.Lucia Pewee:    Bonjour Madamme Sequia Ba Bad, mwe la cah chaybay.

St.Lucia Warbler: Sa bon! Mwe ousi.

St.Lucia Pewee:   You know yesterday while looking for material for my nest, I overheard a little talk between two known gossipers; Carouge and Jacquot.

St.Lucia Warbler:  Oh yeah, who were they talking about this time?

St.Lucia Pewee:    No one.  Would you believe that they were actually getting to know each other.  

St.Lucia Warbler:  You serious?

St.Lucia Pewee:     Yes I am.

St.Lucia Warbler:  Hmmmm.  That’s strange!  Something must be wrong with those two.

St.Lucia Pewee:     No it is not.  It was then and only then that it dawned on me to do the same, instead of highlighting the bad about our neighbors. 

St.Lucia Warbler:  Hmmmmm. Come to think of it that is true.  Can we start now?

St.Lucia Pewee:    Anytime!  I will go first. Scientists refer to me as Contopus oberi, and our locals as you know; Gobe-Mouche or Pin Kaka; I am a flycatcher.  St.Lucia forest is my world.  My upperparts are dark-olive brown and my stomach area is reddish-brown.  I make myself comfortable in a cup shape nest made of leaves, lichens and moss which sits on a branch.  In there, between the months of May and June I lay two dark cream- colored eggs that have brown spots all over.  And last but not least I enjoy a delicious meal of invertebrates and insects.

St.Lucia Warbler:  Quite impressive! St.Lucia too is my only home. I go by the scientific name of Dendroica delicate and locally chic-chic or sequia ba bad.  Unlike you I have a bright yellow stomach with bluish-grey upperparts.  I have a yellow eyebrow stripe and a black crescent below my eye.  My nest is a finely woven cup that is usually in a tree where three to four eggs with a few reddish-brown spots are laid from March to June.  I love the forest and make insects and spiders my daily meal.

St.Lucia Pewee:  Looks like we have similar characteristics.

St.Lucia Warbler: Our forest home is therefore very important to our survival and our beauty and that of our picturesque island home depends on everyone, young and old.

St.Lucia Pewee:  Our sweet sounds and unique local tunes must be heard for generations to come.