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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beauty Queens Scaly-breasted Thrasher & Carib Grackle.

By: Jeannette Victor & Khervelle Pamphile

It’s here once again the most anticipated show of the year; The National Bird Beauty Pageant. Come one come all, this show will be an exciting and extravagant one. Miss it and you miss out on all the excitement!!!!!!

Carib Grackle:  My girl, you eh see the poster for the Beauty Pageant yet?

Scaly- breasted Thrasher: What poster? What Beauty Pageant? What you talking about  deh girl?
Carib Grackle: The Annual Beauty Pageant that will be held next Saturday. You know, the show most people look forward to every year.

Scaly-breasted Thrasher: Oh!  You mean the show that full of excitement and various beauties put their all to capture the crown.

Carib Grackle: Yes pal, “that show”.  This year I want to take part so I will need some help to practice my intro, will you be kind enough to do so?

Scaly-breasted Thrasher : Hmmm, you are not the only one who wants that title. I’m entering too. So we work as a team and help each other with our weak areas.                                 
Carib Grackle: What a brilliant idea! If either of us wins we could bask in the ambience of winning and as friends celebrate together.

Scaly-breasted Thrasher: Well let’s not waste any more time. Let’s work on our intro You go first.

Carib Grackle:  Good evening distinguished guest, ladies and gentlemen of the Animal Kingdom, I am known scientifically as Quiscalus lugubris inflexirostris, locally as Blackbird or Carib Grackle or Merle.  I am quite handsome with my jet black feathers and a violet, green or steel-blue gloss. To compliment my appearance I have a yellowish-white iris and a long V shaped tail. My chaperon who is also my companion is smaller and dark- grey overall.  I must say that I cherish her for she lays three to four greenish-blue eggs with black scrawls in our home, a bulky structure made of grass, plant fibers and leaves with a deep central cup that sits on a tree.  We thrive on insects and could be seen almost everywhere in St. Lucia.  Thanks for coming out to support me and will be sure not to disappoint you my fans.

Scaly-breasted ThrasherShort, sweet and straight to the point. Wonderfully said.  Let me see if I could do    better .  Protocol established I will forge ahead.  Though I may be considered a shy individual I will wow you the audience this evening.  Margarops     fuscus     schwartzi is the name those scientists refer to me as but  you know me as Scaly-breasted Thrasher and your elders as Grieve. I belong to the Thrasher family which consists of three of us. My under-part is white and heavily   scaled  with grayish-brown from my Throat to my belly. I have one white wing-bar, yellow-brown eye and a   Black bill with white tail tips. I live comfortably in a rough cup-shape nest built in a tree in which my wife lays two or three greenish-  blue eggs. I may not have the looks but I sure have the talent to walk away with this Crown tonight.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
Carib Grackle:  Looks like the competition will be tight so I am off to put some finishing touches on my costume and evening wear.  Good luck and see you after the pageant.

Scaly-breasted Thrasher:  Thanks. Good luck to you too and may the best bird win!