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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Article by: Jeannette Victor
                 Forestry Department

Saint Lucia Iguana (c) Forestry Department
Saint Lucia Iguana: My buddy, Tet Chien, what’s happening?

Saint Lucia Boa: Well man Léza, I am there trying to gather some encouragement from your recent bout in the news.   
Saint Lucia Iguana: Oh you mean my ten minutes of fame! Yes yes it was about time!   But what really hurt me is my cousin those people killed on that grill in Boguis!

Saint Lucia Boa:  I clearly remember some months ago our forefathers had an article published about our protection.

St Lucia Iguana: Guess they didn’t heed the warning from the Forestry Department.  Maybe we should highlight the message again.

Saint Lucia Boa: Yes we can try again, but you know how stubborn some persons can be and then claim ignorance of the law.

Saint Lucia Iguana: Which of course is no excuse, but nothing beats a trial.  Come on lets do this.

Saint Lucia Boa: Most of our friends in the animal kingdom are protected with the exception of a few, therefore the laws apply to them and we know laws come with consequences for those who oppose.

Saint Lucia Iguana:  It is an offence .i.e. against the law to kill, harm, destroy habitat or sell any wildlife species be it adult or juveniles.  Persons who fail to adhere will be liable to a charge of not more than $5000 EC or a year imprisonment.

Saint Lucia Boa:  Very well said, although I feel pity for your recent perpetrator but no press is bad press.  Let’s hope they get the message this time.

Saint Lucia Iguana:  But you know I am not the only one in the spotlight, you my dear friend also suffer that fate.  Many persons have you as pets or on display without the proper license endorsed by the Forestry Department.

Saint Lucia Boa (c) Donald Anthony
Saint Lucia Boa:  Thank you for sympathizing with me, just know that my protectors will put this issue to rest in the near future.  It is sad somebody had to be fined but behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining which in that case our friends will know their rights.

Saint Lucia Iguana:  Could not have agreed more.  In the meanwhile I will do what I love doing best; sit and bask in the sun, and maybe see who will be foolish enough to commit themselves.  Until then never loose hope my buddy!